The eyes are not the windows of the soul, they are the doors.

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4/100 photos of matt smith

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3/100 photos of matt smith

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2/100 photos of matt smith

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1/100 photos of matt smith

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Marian ?

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He will have my back

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I will be tagging all of my posts from tonight’s episode as #dw spoilers

so if you want to avoid spoilers from tonight’s episode of doctor who, blacklist that tag.

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Hey whovians. So I decided that Clara Oswald needed some loving and appreciation lately, so this is why I have created Clara day. This day is a chance for Clara stans and doctor who fans alike to go crazy over this amazing character, and the amazing actress that plays her. This day will take place on the 25th of August 2014, and anyone can take part. You can participate by:

  • making gifs
  • making edits and graphics
  • cosplaying clara
  • making fan videos
  • making posts about why you love her
  • or anything you can think of to show your appreciation

the tag that will be used to post all of your clara content is #clara oswald day.

REMEMBER: no negativity, this is supposed to be a joyous celebration. let’s all have fun appreciating our impossible girl.

also, this event will be run by me.

I hope you can all participate, see you then :)

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